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Texas Pashmina is a division of All Rhodes Trading and a specialized unit of The Pashmina Store.

All Rhodes Trading specializes in offering high-quality luxury products at exceptional values. These items are selected because they are popular nationwide but not always readily available at traditional retailers. All Rhodes Trading uncovers the best sources for the products to bring them to you quickly and conveniently over Internet websites.

Each division website is designed to be a fun and informative experience while also being safe and secure. The latest technology is used, but each website is always easy and fast to shop. A great focus is put on customer service and speed so you can enjoy a superior shopping experience.

The Pashmina Store has been offering a colorful variety of pashmina shawls, wraps, scarves and cashmere baby blankets since 2000. Stylish and comfortable, the pashminas are custom-made in Nepal and Kashmir to ensure a luxurious item and great value. 
Texas Pashmina was created to meet the specialized demands of individuals, corporations, and universities that desire quality pashminas in custom colors.

Other All Rhodes Trading websites include University Pashmina, The Baby Blanket Place, The Kaffir Lime Store, and Soy Candles and More.

Other All Rhodes Trading divisions offer a variety of wonderful luxury items for the body and home. We are always looking out and finding the best possible values in Thailand, Nepal, Kashmir, China, India, and beyond.
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